the work continues

i’m getting ready to go to bed and i’ve been too busy to really write anything but i thought i would keep my parents updated on the work that is taking place around the house. today we did the following:

  • weeded the front flower beds and planted new plants – thanks to the help of the walters family who showed up with swamp lilies and various other plants that they had around their house.
  • mulched the front flower beds.
  • removed four old shutters and replaced them with new cranberry ones.
  • kilzed the accent wall in adam’s room so it can be painted the same color as the rest of his room.
  • packed and trashed most of the non-essential stuff in adam and noah’s rooms.
  • took more trips to lowe’s than i wanted too.

we’ll probably be able to start painting the outside of the house towards the end of this week. anyone who is interested in painting, receiving some pizza, and being bossed around by my dogs is welcome to come and join us.

other than having a bee chase me while i ran this afternoon there wasn’t anything real exciting that happened. thanks to the bee i now definitely know where i stand with my oldest son. adam told me that there was a bee chasing me and then he quickly ran over to the other side of the road and continued his run. he pretty much continued to laugh and run while the bee chased me for two blocks. thanks for the help son. i’m so glad i helped bring you into the world.

my run for the day
distance – 1.5 miles
time – 16:03
pace – 10:30/mile