happy birthday dad & evan almighty thoughts.

it’s my dad’s birthday today and now that he’s asleep i thought i would tell him happy birthday publicly – i’ve already done it privately. he’s not bad for an old fart.

btw, i just got back from watching the preview of “evan almighty” and i thought it was really good. i would have described “bruce almighty” as a comedy that had a decent general faith message within it. i would describe “evan almighty” as a general faith movie that has some decent comedy within it. i’m not sure if any of my agnostic/atheist friends will be offended by it but i doubt that they will feel any of the same emotional involvement that i had with the film. there were allot of different parts of the movie that i found myself thinking “wow, that was a great point.” for one example, they did a great job of showing the absurd nature of a guy building a 450′ long boat. the people responded to him like he was an idiot. i also thought that the movie did a good job of showing that following GOD was not always understood by the people around the follower or even the follower his/herself. i wasn’t expecting the environmentalist message that the movie had but i thought it fit right in.

i know that the only reason that they had the preview for pastors was so that we would then promote the movie within our congregations. truthfully, it was because of this that i had no intention of doing so. the problem is that the movie was really good and i really think many of you would enjoy seeing it. i hate being a pawn of the movie industry.

it’s the name now

my mom found this (i’m not sure how she finds this stuff and i’m a little scared by all that she finds – if my mom was ever a stalker she would be an incredibly scary stalker – i love you mom 🙂 ). it’s a church planting prayer list for the minnesota / wisconsin baptist convention and we’re on it (look down and we’re the sixth prayer request). apparently i placed the name we were considering for the church somewhere on some form and it has been added to the prayer list. so it looks like we have a name now – it’s tapestry (actuall it will be stevens point tapestry church but just called tapestry for the fun of it).

here’s the rationale behind calling it tapestry.

  • a tapestry is woven together. to separate it is to destroy it – kind of like what i hope the community of faith we’ll be a part of will be.
  • a tapestry is beautiful whe seen from above but a mess of tangles when seen from below – kind of like what i hope the community of faith we’ll be a part of will be.
  • karl barth described the imago dei (another name that i for one would have liked but noone probably would have been able to pronounce) as coming from the fact that humanity is male and female (i.e. we are the image of GOD in community and to separate us is to deny that image). as a tapestry we best display GOD’s image together – kind of like what i hope the community of faith we’ll be a part of will be.

i like the name “tapestry” but it probably doesn’t matter anymore because it’s on the prayer list. so “jar” is now “tapestry.” hopefully it will live out its name.