it has begun

the painting has begun
after finishing my weekday visit to the coffee shop, emy j’s, to try and meet people, pam and i started the painting of our home. we’ve started with the living room and the goal is to finish the living room and the foyer by the end of the weekend. pam and i are not big fans of houses that are full of rooms all painted with the same neutral color. both of the previous homes that we have owned have been full of color by the time we were through with them. houses should be full of color, baking, laughter, books, and conversations – that’s what makes them homes.

seven years ago pam came up with the idea of getting an interior decorator to come to our house just to pick out colors and help arrange our rooms. we’re too cheap and interested in doing things ourselves to actually want a decorator to do everything for us – from painting to getting new things. all we want is someone to help make sure the colors of our rooms and furniture go well and flow together. so we got a decorator for two hours to pick colors and give advice. we liked the results of this strategy in baton rouge and therefore we decided to do it again. we snagged a senior interior design uwsp student and bought a couple of hours of her time. she came back with great colors – ones that we probably wouldn’t have chosen on our own but once we saw them we really liked them.

now we have to finish everything we start. i’ll post a photo tomorrow.

SIDE NOTE – based on a discussion on postmodern interpretations of shakespeare i had with a uwsp grad student (he’s teaching me how to do this so that i can try it out when pam and i go to see julius caeser in february) i started to read dan delillo’s “white noise.” it’s great. i think it’s incredible. weird, but incredible.

SIDE SIDE NOTE – pam and i watched “the nanny diaries” last night and since it is based on a true story i have been reminded once again of how desperately some people need to be slapped to shake them out of their stupidity. i know i’ve said this once before but i really think i could do the world some serious good by walking around and slapping people when they are stupid. i would, of course, start with myself.

SIDE SIDE SIDE NOTE – the fam and i are going to see “spam-a-lot” in may. woohoo!

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