the spears are right

i would never have thought that i would find myself in agreement with a member of the spears family but i have to say that they are right in saying that dr. phil screwed up. every counselor has it pounded into his/her head that you have to err on the side of confidence. be it pastoral counseling or clinical counseling, you are taught that you go above and beyond the extra mile when it comes to protecting trust and confidentiality. there are very few reasons for breaking that confidentially and i’ve never seen “gaining a higher nielson raiting” on that list of reasons.

though i don’t watch his show i have usually been somewhat impressed when i’ve seen dr. phil show up on some other show that i was actually watching. i kind of expected more from him.

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  1. dad, just because you watch “judge judy” and “days of our lives” does’t mean that i watch day time t.v. besides that oprah is considered the anti-CHRIST around our house and therefore anyone who is associated with her is pretty much ignored also.

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