ummmmm … okay … that's different

chris, a former youth within the parkview youth ministry, sent me a video link on tom cruise being very odd and talking about how he and scientology are the only ones who can do any good witihin the world. after watching the video my life has been changed and i so want to be just like tom in everything i do – please read extreme sarcasm here. unfortunately i can’t post the video because the church of scientology has claimed copyright infringement and asked youtube to remove the video.

you can however still view the video here thanks to gawker. watch the video and all your questions will be answered. except of course what ksw, orgs, and sp means (which is ksw=keep scientology working, orgs=organizations, sp=suppressive person)

SIDE NOTE – the curling record has jumped up to 9-1. woohoo!

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  1. uhhh… wow.

    I’m introducing a new phrase:
    “Evangelical Scientology”

    That dude makes some pretty audacious claims. His claim about Scientologists having to stop for an accident because they know they’re the only ones that can really help? Really? About Scientology being able to rehabilitate criminals, and unite cultures? All I could think was, “If you’ve got the power to do that kind of stuff, then why haven’t you done it?”

    And then I thought, “Wait… don’t I claim to be a part of something with the power to do that kind of stuff?”


  2. yeah i agree with you to a point j.t. yes we are a part of a faith that claims to be able to make the world a better place and a lot of times we don’t. yet don’t you think its a little different to claim your the only one who can help when you’re talking about a car accident and to claim that you can make different realities?

    maybe the biggest thing for me is that i don’t think he makes any sense. reminds me of him jumping on the couch with oprah.

  3. He sounded to me kind of like one of the marginal kids at a youth camp who got really inspired to change his life, but really hadn’t gotten much of a grasp of the bible during his or her 4 days at the youth camp. So inspired, but so unable to communicate what they’re feeling and really unsure what its going to become. Sure that’s fine for a kid at youth camp, but an adult who has put it time to learn and such should be able to get more out that… “Whoo…. I mean, we really need to make a KSW difference…”

  4. Robert – I agree that, for me, he’s just rambling. Of course we only have the edited version. Still, he didn’t make much sense beyond the fact that he’s got “IT” and scientologists are the only ones who can help people.

    By the way, what is “IT”?

    Stephen – now that you mention it, I agree with you about the we he sounded. Great picture.

    A couple of thoughts:
    1) He speaks of ethics and how he doesn’t mind imposing ethics, but he didn’t speak of morality – like getting a woman pregnant before they’re married.

    2) If they are the only people who can help, what has Tom Cruise done for the world lately. I may not agree with many in Hollywood, but some do put their money and their actions where their mouth is (i.e., Brad Pitt who’s living and helping New Orleans…and putting his own money in to help).

    3) I don’t know if I would want Tom to help me if I was in a car crash. Would you?

    Anyway…he might be great actor, but just don’t get him as a human being or a man.

    Just my .02

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