otherwise my mom will think i'm depressed

luke 14 - jan 24, 2008 #24/366
first, i have to post something (anything) because when i don’t post something every day my mom begins to worry that i am depressed. i’m not sure why she doesn’t think that i might be busy (other than the fact that she doesn’t actually think i do anything – insert smile here because it’s an inside joke with my mom and dad). all i know for sure is that just like she worries about the weather, and calls to give us reports before a storm comes to our area, so she also worries about me falling into depression when i don’t post something on this blog. so there i’ve posted something. of course, none of this really matters since my mother is on a cruise at the moment and won’t see this for another day or two. still it’s the thought that counts.

second, snow blowers are one of the greatest inventions of mankind. 20 minutes ago i used one of my neighbor’s to do our driveway and it was amazing. once snow season is over, and used snow blowers are once again available, i am definitely going to have to get me one of those things. it easily beats using a snow shovel.

third, i’m about to start the “robert terrell winter preaching tour” by preaching at three different spots in the next three weeks. in baton rouge i would pick people’s ears concerning the passage i was dealing with. basically i would ask them to read the passage and then throw out any thoughts they had on the passage. i loved hearing what people everyone would say about the scripture mainly because someone almost always said something that pushed me in a direction i would have never thought of on my own. i know a couple of people in the first group and nobody in any of the other groups and thus i don’t really have anybody within them to bounce ideas off of. i was wondering if some of you would be interested in being my “bouncers?” all you have to do is read the passage along with the scripture immediately around it and send me your thoughts. you can either post them here or email them to me. my email address is my name @gmail.com.

the passage for next week is the parable of the great banquet found in luke 14.

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