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i just thought i would let everyone know that they should not watch the superbowl at a church with a screen larger than 55″ because it’s against the nfl’s copyright. here’s the washing post article on the nfl cracking down on churches showing the superbowl (churches that don’t charge a dime or use the event as a fund raiser). the article says:

for years, as many as 200 members of immanuel bible church and their friends have gathered in the church’s fellowship hall to watch the super bowl on its six-foot screen. the party featured hard hitting on the tv, plenty of food — and prayer.

but this year, immanuel’s super bowl party is no more. after a crackdown by the national football league on big-screen super bowl gatherings by churches, the springfield church has sacked its event. instead, church members will host parties in their homes.

i actually think it’s great that the church is getting people to invite others into their homes to watch the game BUT the nfl probably needs to get over this. i know they have the right to do this but it is a little ridiculous. if the nfl sees no harm in sports bars showing the game legally (sports bars are specifically excluded within the copyright) then i think they probably wouldn’t be harmed by churches doing the same thing.

anyhow here’s the article.

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