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the fam
for some strange reason our friends and families have said that they would visit us in central wisconsin but they would not do so during the winter. this makes absolutely no sense to us because there is so much to do around here during the winter. for example, today uwsp put on a family cross country ski day at the boston school park. it was great, free cross country skiing and free hot chocolate and cookies after you were through. this happened 5 minutes away from our house. after we were through cross country skiing we decided to grab some ice cream and then hit the sledding park. we almost rented a tobaggon and went down the track but it cost $2.50 and we only had $1.70 on us. we are most definitely going back to do the tobaggon because you ride down an ice covered track. it was amazingly fast.

i can’t believe you people won’t come up here during the winter.

oh yeahmy cute womantired

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  1. i would come up in the winter. there was nothing better than walking home from school in the snow, eating an icecream cone….you make me miss living in the north more than ever!!

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