fan versus wild

i like my southern roots and therefore it is with great southern pride that i point you to the following fan versus wild article on southern hospitality and nascar racing.

at 1 o’clock on a bright october afternoon, i’m standing in a convenience store parking lot five miles east of martinsville, va. in the 24 hours before the green flag drops on the subway 500, i need to find a ride to the speedway and a $75 ticket to the sold-out race. problem is, all i have on me is $20, a cell phone and a camcorder. And i’m not allowed to use any media connections to get into the race—or so much as mention the letters espn (at least not in that order).

my run for the day
distance – 5.0 miles
time – 49:41
pace – 9:58/mile
weather – 6º

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