a brit that understands

i promise i will soon stop posting things concerning politics. i hold no hope for politics solving the main problems of our world. that’s why i’ve never really understood why the religious right (of which some would wrongly say i was a part)have pushed so hard for political power – even when gained for “pure” reasons political power seems to just lead to a desire for more power. service & sacrifice are the way of JESUS and if we would struggle with living out that way we would see GOD do remarkable things in our world.

with the above said i thought i would post this article from the times. it’s a pretty good description on at least one issue concerning why i feel that our country will have a good choice no matter what if mccain and obama end up facing off for the presidential election.

now, mcCain pledges to stay in iraq for a hundred years if necessary and claims that the surge has altered the cost-benefit analysis. obama argues that the surge has not solved the fundamental problem and promises to begin withdrawing troops next year. unlike hillary clinton, and unlike this columnist, neither man has actually changed his fundamental position. and so there is now a path for americans either to fully own this misbegotten Mesopotamian adventure or fully disown it.

of course, it is a brit paper and therefore the whole thing could be some kind of joke that went straight over my head.

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