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alan as a crazy psycho bible guy
life is pretty exciting right now. as i posted earlier tapestry had it’s first leadership meeting three weeks ago with three committed adults, two committed kids, and an adult guest. this past sunday we had our second tapestry leadership meeting (which is supper, reading through the acts of the apostles, and prayer) with our former guest becoming a committed member (woohoo kaylyn!) and a new adult guest. i’ve also had someone else express interest learning more about what we’re doing. like i said it’s an exciting time.

right now as a group we are praying the following:

  • asking GOD when we would should launch public services.
  • asking GOD how we can best serve our community
  • asking GOD to lead us to the right people to help start the church – avoiding wolves both religious and non-religious

on a personal note i finished the year of living biblically today and i highly recommend it. as a minister i really enjoyed looking into someone’s mind as they tried to live out as literally as possible what the bible says. it made for some great moments. some of those moments were quite moving while others were funny enough that i audibly snorted in the middle of emy j’s coffee shop while reading it. it really is a good read.

SIDE NOTE – the photo is an old one of alan lusk when he worked within the great youth ministry of parkview

my run for the day
distance – 4.0 miles
time – 38:20
pace – 9:35/mile
weather – 19º/windy

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