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i’ve interviewed a few more people concerning what they would like to see a church in the point area do. all of the conversations have been fascinating. someone asked me if i was going to shape the church around this interviews and i thought it was an excellent question. i’m not really interviewing people as a marketing strategy, like they are a focus group. there have been things said that i am sure will never be a part of the church (i probably should not say never, because strange things can happen). for example one interviewee said she want a church to sing in parts. i don’t really expect that to happen. so the interviews aren’t really to find out what works and doesn’t work church wise for the people we are trying to reach. rather the interviews are meant to hear what the community is saying and then respond within our faith.

yet the interviews will definitely shape what the church will be like. i’m listening to thoughts of people i really enjoy talking with and that will have a dramatic impact on what we do and how we do it. it won’t shape our cornerstone beliefs (JESUS does that) but it will shape how we talk about them.

i’ve decided to post a page that leads people to the interviews so that i have an easy way to link the people i interview to what i am writing. it’s on the top of the webpage and is labeled “community conversation.” for those who just want to go directly to the interview document you may do so by clicking here.

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