Sara Tucholsky got a lift from Central Washington\'s Liz Wallace, left, and Mallory Holtman.this story is so cool.

western oregon and central washington are playing the game that will determine who has the lead in their ncaa division ii conference (which is important for the tournament). senior sara tucholsky hits the only homerun of her college career and as she is running the bases misses first base. she turns around to go back at touch the base and her knee suddenly goes out. while she lays on the ground the team and officials realize that if anyone from her own team touches her then she is out. their only option appears to be for a pitch runner to come in for her on first base and thus her homerun would be erased (again the only one of her college career). this is when a senior on the other team comes up and asks to carry her around the bases. this is amazing sports*woman*ship.

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