support letters

as a former youth minister (boy is that hard to say) i know a ton of college students and young adults who are going off on mission trips. that’s great, of course it also means that i get contacted by many of them concerning support. sometimes that’s a good thing and some times its not. recently i received to such requests. one request from a kid that only contacts me when it comes time to ask for support. i don’t hear from this kid at all otherwise. the other request came from a kid that i don’t talk with all the time but i do hear form every now and then. this kid responds to my questions and makes contact every now and then.

i’m excited about helping one of these kids. you can probably guess which one.

the reminder here for me is i have to do some of the same things. i have to remember that people are going to respond to my requests the same way. maintaining contact is a majorly important thing. caring for somebody is much more important that caring for their pocket book.

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