what does a church planter do? part 2

as i posted once before, i have no idea what a church planter is supposed to do.

what i’m trying to do (and i’m hoping it’s what i’m supposed to be doing) is hanging out with as many people as possible. today that took the form of fishing with a guy. he’s the intervasity campus minister for uwsp, he has a good handle on where people are, and he’s a great guy to hang out with. the side benefit of all this is that i caught my first muskie today. woohoo! i also caught my largest smallmouth bass today. woohoo! of course, niether one of them were huge, but being raised in the deep south these are two fish that i haven’t had much experience with.

anyhow, here are the photos.
my first muskiesmallie

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  1. arnold totally beat me to it. i bet you could carve some pretty fillets off that thing. it looks kinda like a cross between a choupique and a garfish–looks mean, too. the smallie’s shaped like a football.

    well done, RT. i hope you brought your gps.


  2. TRASH FISH!!!!!!!!!! HOW DARE YOU!!!!!!!!

    you can eat muskie and smallies but most people don’t. walleye is the best tasting fish around here and it’s quite good. if you’re fishing for food most people will go after walleye. you catch muskies and smallies for the fight. muskies are so important to the state that its the state fish. i absolutely love the smallmouth basses around here. they are just so much fun to catch.

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