hail storm

monday through thrusday i have to pick up adam and two of his friends from the fitness camp they are a part of. yesterday we had a decent intense hail storm (lots and lots of grape sized hail). it was bad enough that i finally had to stop the car and find a tree. that’s when the three teens tried to talk each other into running outside, touching a table, and running back. the video above is what happened.

it’s probably not funny for everyone else but it was a blast in the car.

stuff likes this makes me miss youth ministry

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  1. classic. one time me, dru, and ro bet T he couldn’t do more squat thrusts in 30 seconds than dru or ro. so he got all ramped up, made us time him. then when he finished and told dru and ro “try and beat that!” we all got in our cars and left w/out the other two boys doing it. he was not happy.

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