a former youth ministry student, sergio, has come up to stevens point for the weekend. it’s great, i get to introduce him to the wonders of point and to fishing. yep, you see sergio is 21 years old and he has never been fishing. when adam and noah heard this they stared at sergio in stunned disbelief. how can someone go through 20 years of life and never have fished? it doesn’t make sense. surely this lack of fishing has effected sergio’s development. he’s probably spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically stunted because of this lack of fishing within his life. after we go fishing tomorrow sergio will probably experience miraculous growth. he’ll probably be 8 feet tall tomorrow after we’ve gone fishing.

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  1. Be sure to explain to Sergio that fish are not really the size they are, they are the size you SAY they are. A fish may really weigh 3 pounds, but if you say it weighs 5 pounds often ehough…………well you know the rest of the story.


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