just a quick report

i’ll tell more later but for all those who were worried about our venezuelan guest’s first time experience with fishing i thought i would give you a quick report. well, it turned out that sergio had not only never been fishing before but he had also never canoed before. so the first 15 minutes we a little excited. i am glad to report that we did not flip the canoe. i do however need to say that i seriously thought we would flip it. we took on a little water before his body adjusted to the idea of a canoe. after that it was time for fishing. it was a bit of an off day actually. we were out on the river for 1 hour and 45 minutes. serg only caught 9 smallmouth bass and 1 walleye. we had plenty of other misses. in fact, sergio’s very first cast resulted in a fish that he fought all the way to the boat but unfortunately it shook itself free before we were able to get him in the boat. it’s was a pretty good way to introduce someone to fishing.

of course, sergio wants to go back out tomorrow.

the photo on the left was sergio’s first fish (i laughed the whole time he reeled it in and he didn’t understand why – he thought this was a decent fish – by the end of the day he no longer wanted to count the small ones). the fish on the right was sergio’s largest fish (15” – not bad for a nubie).

first largest

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