canoe + bassets = ???????

blurry bassets

does anyone have any experience with basset hounds and canoes? for that matter, does anyone have any experience with medium to large size dogs and canoes? i have a compelling desire to take at least one of my dogs out on the canoe with me when i am fishing. the probably is that i’m worried this could bring about certain disaster. if no one has any experience i’ll probably just test the situation out in a very shallow area. i actually think the canoe part will probably be okay after the chosen basset gets used to it. i’m more concerned what will happen the first time i bring a fish into the boat.

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  1. i dont know about basset hounds, but i know black and yellow labs do very well in canoes during duck hunting season, they should be great with there low center of gravity and all. good luck and pics would be priceless if any mishaps should acure

  2. david took the neighbors chocolate lab fishing a couple of times, to the lake. i’m not sure canoe or bateau. anyway, pete would get so excited when he caught a fish, all he could focus on was the fish, he almost tipped them every time! needless to say, pete stays home now!!

  3. I have consented to go on a basset canoe/fishing experiment with Robert tomorrow. We are buying a doggie life jacket first though since bassets aren’t swimmers, and in fact due to their bone density, they sink like rocks. It should be interesting. My purpose is counter-weight for the dog.

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