my d.min experience

the beginning of my d.min experience at new orleans seminary was ok. the reason i say ok is because my first workshop was basically just an orientation to the school and what is expected from my research. obviously that not very exciting. of course, it wasn’t meant to be exiting.

the good part is that i got to see a little of what i’ll be a part of. the way the program works is that i’ll have to 9 semester hours of workshops (these are related to prepping my research – 9 semester hours equals 3 workshops), 9 hours of divisional seminars (these are courses within 5 different general divisions – again 9 semesters hours equals 3 courses), 9 hours of specialization seminars (these are courses within my specialization – by now you should know what this equals). these course will probably take me about 2 1/2 years to finish. then i’ll do my project. judging from what the professors and other d.min students told me my project will probably take between 1 to 2 years.

to be honest in the past i’ve been a little down on the d.min degree. yet with that said i am pretty excited about working on the project. i think there are some pretty cool things i can explore concerning using some of the collaborative software on the web. tapestry has used some for a few things (mainly google docs but we’ve also used mind meister) and it has been pretty useful. i don’t know how i would turn that into a hundred page research paper but i’ll figure that out later. of course, i’ll probably change my ideas ten times by the time i finish my seminars.

i also met a few fellow students that i really enjoyed connecting with and a couple of whom are possibility interested in doing something with tapestry.

SIDE NOTE – i took the eee pc 901 with me to nola and i love it. it took me a day to get used to very tiny keyboard of the 901 but after that day everything was fine. it is perfect. it’s just the right size for carrying around (about the size of a hardback book) and has just the right amount of power to handle surfing, word processing, and other basic tasks that i need from a laptop. in fact, at the moment i am in the air between nola and chicago typing this on the 901 while watching a movie at the same time. it’s all good.

SIDE SIDE NOTE – the fletcher family and clint barron were nice enough to come down to new orleans for supper while i was there. it was great seeing them and the food was excellent.

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