“woven together in CHRIST” wallpaper


i “needed” a new deskptop wallpaper for my computer so i created this today while talking with the copywrite guy for the radio stations (94.7fm, 95.5fm, & 99.9fm) we are going to run tapestry launch ads on (by the way the copywriter was quite cool to talk with). since it costs me nothing to do this i’m placing the wallpaper up on the blog for anyone who wants it. if you need a reminder to pray for tapestry please grab the wallpaper. if you like the color green please grab it. if you’ve always wanted an image that interlocked “woven” and “in”, then grab it. you probably get the picture by now (no pun intended)

SIDE NOTE – talking with the marketing agent and the copywriter for the radio stations i realized something. i have been trying desperately trying to avoid some of the older catch phrases we use within the church culture, but the problem is that i’ve ended up jut using some of the newer catch phrases. by doing this i’ve actually made the message a little harder to understand. “holistic” and “missional” are great words but they were pretty much meaningless in my conversations today. in trying to convey to the marketing manager that our group believes that everyone is at a different part of their journey of faith and that churches should encourage that, i apparently conveyed to her that every religion was a way to GOD and all you had to do was choose your own path. woah! not what i meant to get across at all.

the experience was great. i have to unlearn some of the newer “church” words and simmer everything down to some easy to understand summaries. i wish i could get someone to critic my language and vocabulary once a quarter just to make sure that i am communicating clearly. that is excluding from my accent of course. that’s not leaving anytime soon.

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