random things – 12.14.2008

just typing a few random things:

  • even though it’s not official yet it appears that i have beat my brother in the semi-finals of our family’s fantasy football league. i just wanted to point out that he should not feel like a complete loser just because i have smashed his face into the ground!
  • i received my rapala rewards stuff yesterday: stainless steel pliers, fishing clippers, rattlin’ rapala sinking lure, and a sticker. woohoo! i love free stuff. it’s great when you get promo stuff for something that you were going to buy anyway.
  • how did the packers go from the nfc championship last year to not even making it into the playoffs this year? argh!
  • walking the dogs today i found a new coat, a new pair of socks, a new scarf, a new pair of yaktraks, and a torn package for a hitachi 160 gb portable hardrive. this is not typical stuff to find on the side of the road and i thought it might have been thrown out from a break-in. so i called the sheriffs’ department. they came, picked up the stuff and said it did seem like the type of stuff that would be dropped off from a break-in. the deputy also added that there had been some car break-ins recently so he would check the stuff to see if it matched any of the break-in losses. of course, i quickly said that if no one came in for the yaktraks then i would like to claim them.
  • i have a love/hate relationship with the book of jeremiah. while i really love some of the point of the book, jeremiah’s constant wailing really grates my nerves. the crying prophet … sometimes i just want to scream “get a backbone!” there are some biblical figures that i would love to hang out with and others that i’m fairly sure i wouldn’t connect with as well. i tend to think jeremiah would be on the “not connecting” list. this is all the worse since my next seminar at nobts is on the book of jeremiah.
  • is anyone else with a wordpress blog experiencing problems with the “now reading” plugin?
  • the two videos that i used at tapestry 12.14.2008 are below

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  1. I get the feeling that Jeremiah complained and whined a lot BECAUSE he was obedient. It wasn’t just that living through the judgment of God was no fun; it was that he sounded like someone who was a traitor to his country and someone who didn’t trust in God to save Jerusalem when he prophesied. Nearly everyone was out for him, including God, who wouldn’t let him stop prophesying.

  2. oh i agree with you on that stephen. i don’t question his faith or obedience. all i’m saying is that i don’t think jeremiah and i would have clicked personality-wise. i like them dumb enough to just jump head first into things without thinking too much about it. i think i probably would have really liked peter for this reason. we would have screwed up a lot together.

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