the gobo in action

the gobo sign

some of you are probably tired of me talking about the gobo sign but i thought for those that were still interested i would post a final photo showing how it worked. i still have to fine tune it a little to get rid of a small amount of blurriness but i was still pleased with it. you can now definitely tell that we are in the building. in fact, you can see the "light" sign from further away than you can see our normal sign when we have daylight.

i think the thing that excited me the most was what pam heard when she was driving a few students in from the uwsp campus. when the students saw the sign they screamed out "we have a tapestry sign" and "i love our sign." of course, they then also said that we need a theme song. do churches have theme songs? what would a church theme song sound like? when would we use a church theme song? these are questions that need an answer.


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  1. that’s just it calvin, i’m not even sure what to look for in a church theme song. is it supposed to say JESUS a certain number of times? should it be the lyrically equivalent of a bumper sticker? does it have to have an organ in it? or should it sound like bad 80s pop? this is all new territory for me. i don’t even know when i’m supposed to use a theme song if we had one.

    you’re a musician. have you ever thought of starting a side business of developing church theme songs? you could set the format and answer all these questions for me (and others who would surely clamor for your services).

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