missing it

last week after polling everyone who is active in tapestry the group kind of decided that it would be best not to have a gathering today. it made perfect sense because there was a really good chance that eric and natalie were going to be the only people there. so we canceled today’s gathering. of course, that was easy last week, especially when i thought the terrell family would be in alabama anyhow. now it’s reality and therefore my thoughts are a little different. it’s the first sunday night in fifteen weeks that i am not spending the evening worshiping with the wonderful folks of tapestry. makes me a little sad. of course, that sadness will disappear tomorrow as i start work on next sunday’s tapestry.

i am also VERY THANKFUL that my sickness happened on a weekend when we weren’t having tapestry. up to this morning i felt like complete crap. up to three hours ago i felt like i might feel better sometime in january. it’s amazing how fast pam and my recoveries have been. yet there is no way i would have been able to do the setup work necessary for tapestry. there are usually plenty of other people that do everything but that would not have been true tonight. the hardest thing i’ve done today was walk the dogs and that left me needing a nap to recover.

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  1. It was clearly God’s plan for you not to meet this week since you were going to be so sick. … Either that or he made you sick to punish you for not having church. ]:->

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