random thoughts while watching a chick-flick

after a couple of days of having a stomach bug i have started and finished studying for the day. i am now watching the second episode of “the thorn birds” with pam and i thought that while we watched this thing i would post some random thoughts and events that aren’t big enough for a full post.

  • the main priest in “the thorn birds” is scum. not because he gives into fleshly desire but because he puts his own selfish ambition before the family of the woman he loves (albeit a creepy sort of love) and then says its for the love for GOD. several parts of the miniseries have upset me but that lack of justice has been the worst thus far.
  • as a family we usually go see a movie on CHRISTmas day. we were too sick to go this year until today. we finally went to see “bedtime stories” today and we were pleasantly surprised. i usually have mixed feelings on adam sandler movies but i do respect the fact that he generally has many of the same people in each of his movies. it’s pretty cool when people genuinely enjoy working together and therefore do on multiple projects.
  • i’ve recently been turned onto a blog called “presentation zen“. it’s about simplicity in presentations and it’s quite good stuff.
  • i’m an idiot – just wanted to get that out there for everyone to know. how could i have been in youth ministry for nearly 20 years without realizing there were pro ana (pro anorexia) web forums. these are basically support groups for teens who want to help each other be anorexic. i probably can’t be blamed for 15 of those years because i’m not sure they even existed (at least not in an organized internet manner) but i should have known over the past 5 years. i’m sure i probably read something about it somewhere but it didn’t stick with me. poor sick kids trying to help each other stay sick. it’s a great, big, stupid world.
  • i am presently wearing a t-shirt that pam gave me for CHRISTmas. it says “go curling … get stoned.” it’s hilarious.
  • i’ll be in NOLA january 12-14 for class. this means i’ll be busy from 8am-4pm each day but i’m open to dinner afterwards with anyone whose interested. of course, i will not have a vehicle so you’ll have come to me or meet me somewhere that public transportation can get me too.

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