cross country bindings

since pam and i were doing the whole advent conspiracy thing it was my goal to doing something relational, sustainable, and cheap for pam’s CHRISTmas gift. therefore, i decided to refurbish a couple of old, trashed cross country skis because pam is pretty pumped about the thought of being able to cross country ski through the 20 or so acres of woods in our backyard. so i took the skis to our local place, the hostel shoppe, and had them put new bindings on the skis and wax them down so that they would be ready for us to put them into action. of course, pam and i would need cross country ski boots but i figure we could use a little of money we would invariably get for CHRISTmas to purchase a pair of boots each (thanks mom and dad). i also figured we would probably buy these somewhere other than the hostel shoppe because their cheapest pair was $109 each, when i had seen other pairs on the internet for $39 to $59.

the problem with my plan is that the hostel shoppe is the only place in teh nation that continues to use the sns style of cross country bindings. every other place uses nnn style bindings. this means that almost all of pam and my efforts to buy cheaper boots have been thwarted because they have the wrong bindings attachment. we have one more place looking for $49 boots and if they don’t work we’ll be going back to the hostel shoppe. darn them and their binding monopoly.

SIDE NOTE – the hostel shoppe was very good and helpful. they just messed up my plan for cheaper shoes.

SIDE SIDE NOTE – tonight i sent out a email reminder to people that we would have tapestry tomorrow. i made in a joke in the email that since we were having tapestry the weather would be “fowl.” so apparently there are a lot of birds involved in the weather on tapestry nights.

SIDE SIDE SIDE NOTE – i should win major husband points because i just finished watching “the thorn birds” with pam.

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