the week in tweets – 2009-01-03

  • is almost back among the land of the living. #
  • is going to be in NOLA January 12-14 and is open to eating supper with anyone who is interested. #
  • ate solid food for the first time in two days and now regrets it. #
  • If it skips snowing like this I will have Basset Hounds that could pull a sled in the Iditarod. #
  • “Are there times when mystery is more important than knowledge?” JJ Abrams, TED Talk, March 2007 #
  • I’m not sure why I am watching the Rose Bowl. I hate both teams. #
  • thinks the BCS has ruined the joy of new years day football. #
  • – not a bad place to work on a paper. #
  • @joshcausey – wow – i never knew you were a carpenter in reply to joshcausey #
  • I was busy working on a paper so I didn’t see the game but wow OLE’ MISS – way to go SEC! #
  • hmmmmm … BAMA? Where are you? #
  • @joecausey – joe you have to stay true to the SEC. otherwise, LSU just looks even worse. in reply to joecausey #
  • @DaddyGriffis – bingo we have a winning twit. in reply to DaddyGriffis #
  • is it beginning? PLEASE LET IT BE BEGINNING!!!!!! #
  • and now the offense is starting to play – sweet. #
  • in a break from the game i could use anyone’s help who knows of a good source for funeral urns for children – #
  • If only the 1st qtr hadn’t happened. Still the Utes were impressive #Bama. #
  • @meganckelly – be productive! unlike me ๐Ÿ™‚ in reply to meganckelly #
  • @ppolnaszek – a broken heart? in reply to ppolnaszek #
  • @KenNichols – that’s quite cool. i’m stealing that one. in reply to KenNichols #
  • @ppolnaszek – a stubbed toe? in reply to ppolnaszek #
  • needs someone to volunteer for an illustration at Tapestry – I want to show what might happen to a runaway slave in the ANE. Any takers? #
  • @Joshross – is this in regards to being a volunteer? in reply to Joshross #
  • @Joshross – cool. if you had to lose a hand for the rest of your life would you prefer it to be your right or your left? ๐Ÿ˜‰ in reply to Joshross #
  • @Joshross – cool – you might want to bring clothes that you don’t mind getting bloody and possible a tourniquet. ๐Ÿ˜‰ in reply to Joshross #
  • @Joshross – have you looked at gander mtn for muskie rods? i know you posted this in Nov but thought you might still be looking. in reply to Joshross #
  • @eLP88 – pam is watching it right now. in reply to eLP88 #
  • wants to remind everyone that we will have Tapestry tomorrow – thus we will almost certainly have terrible weather. #

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