the first cut is the hardest

my ipod battery finally died last night. i was prepared for this and had already bought a new battery for it. i’ve had the battery for two months trying to avoid actually putting it in my ipod because i was fairly sure that i would destroy the ipod when i tried to put the battery in. last night was the point when i could no longer wait.

i remember my dad putting a sunroof in my brother’s car when kenny was in high school. dad mentioned that the hardest part was making the first cut because there was no turning back once you made that cut. that’s what it was like removing the old battery. this is because the plastic of the battery plug had deteriorated. removing it destroyed the plug. once the plug was removed it was a matter of putting the new battery in and it working or having an ipod brick to use as a paper weight.

i’m glad to report that the new battery works great and i am able to continue listening in my car on my functioning ipod to the podcasts i like.

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