an eric by any other name

we have a wonderful group that normally leads the music each week at tapestry. heather, hilary, sarah, sometimes jackson, and the group of people they bring with them do an amazing job of leading us in singing to our GOD each week. they are great and a huge gift from GOD to tapestry. an additionally huge gift from GOD is eric glaze who is our regular musical sub. when heather, hilary, and sarah couldn’t lead us for a few weeks because they would be gone during the university break eric stepped up and took over the load. it was a great thing.

since we didn’t have tapestry last week (everyone who is a regular was going to be gone) i wanted to check in with eric glaze and make sure everything was still a go for him filling in tonight. we had talked two weeks ago so i was basically sure it was all good but i thought it was best to check just in case. unfortunately, with the family sickness i forgot to do it until yesterday. eric and i have always communicated quickly through facebook messages so i sent one to him last night. by this morning i hadn’t heard anything. therefore, i sent him a text message from my cell phone asking if he was still on. i quickly received a text back saying that it was too far away for him to make it back to point for tapestry. this didn’t make any sense to me since eric has an apartment in stevens point that he is preparing to be he and his fiance’s home (they get married this coming saturday). still i thought maybe he had gone somewhere else for the weekend and had become stuck where ever he was because of the icy roads. i understood but was still a little confused because eric glaze is a reliable guy. he’s not the type of person to leave you hanging. loosing a leader at the last moment is never a good thing but normally it’s not an earth shattering kind of problem because i know of several college students who can fill in on short notice. of course, when the university is out on break those college students aren’t around.

so i did the only thing i knew to do. i would love to tell you that i responded with calm prayer in assurance that GOD would take care of everything necessary. i wold love to tell you that but it would be a lie. there was prayer involved but it was panic prayer that came out while i was walking back and forth trying to figure things out. after all, we have to have music. right?

so i quickly started coming up with a plan b. this involved making a few desperate phone calls and trying to figure out if a bible study would work for tonight. while doing this i figured i should text eric glaze back and let him know that i got his message. so i texted back to him “ok stay safe and warm” figuring he was driving back to point on ice. that’s when the eric glaze that i had been texting all morning turned out to be eric landry. eric landy is a former youth in baton rouge, louisiana and obviously it would be a little too far for him to travel up to tapestry to lead our music (though i’m sure he would). that’s when i texted the correct eric glaze and he promptly texted back that he would of course be at tapestry.

i can’t believe eric landry played with my emotions like that.

SIDE NOTE – since the university is out of session tonight was “supposed” to be a low night at tapestry. instead we had 8 guests show up and a great group that really added to what was going on.

SIDE SIDE NOTE – i can never adequately express to those that setup and tear down each week at tapestry how much i appreciate them. they are the best.

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