jeremiah papers

for those of you who are wondering, which basically means pam and my parents, the seminar on jeremiah that i have attended this week has been wonderful. i think i have actually gone from thinking that jeremiah was a cry baby to liking jeremiah. it ends today and i’ll be glad to be back home but also a little sorry the classes are over. of course, the joy continues because i have a 20 page exegetical study of a passage from jeremiah due in two weeks,

speaking of papers i thought i would post the two i have written thus far for the course. i’m not posting these because of them being any good, they haven’t been graded yet so they could turn out to be complete crap. instead i’m posting them so someone else will at least have an example to bounce ideas of form off of. when i began prepping for the seminar i tried finding some samples of what others had done for similar seminars so that i would have some idea if i was on target or not. i couldn’t find any. therefore i thought i would post mine so during the next semester when someone googles nobts biblical, exegetical d.min seminar they would at least have an example of what has been done.

here they are

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