i'm leaving on a jet plane

i’m in the louis armstrong new orleans airport waiting for my plane to start the trip home. i have a few minutes to waste and therefore i am writing this and thereby wasting your time. see, this works for both of us. 🙂

  • thanks josh for letting me hang out at your house. staying at josh’s and hanging with he and meg is always a blast. i love wisconsin but i do miss the conversations we used to have in “the suite.”
  • i wish i would have gotten to see a few more former students from the parkview youth ministry. i’m not sure why i was getting messages two hours after the fact from them but it just didn’t work out. it was probably for the best. i was really tired and therefore probably wold have accidentally killed someone.
  • the seminar was great. dr. cole is a very intriguing person and thanks to him i have moved from thinking that the prophet jeremiah was a wuss to thinking that he was probably a wuss that i would have li9ked. i’ll have to do this again sometime.
  • the temperature swap i am about to go through is from 53 degrees to -16 degrees and this is happening without me having my winter coat (i left it in my car because it was too bulky). i am wearing a thin sweater and i have a sports jacket with me. it’s going to be a VERY cold walk from the madison terminal to my car. i truly hope my car starts.
  • i don’t miss the louisiana weather but i do miss the food. hmmmmmm.
  • louisiana is a great place but i have to say that one of the things that i can’t stand about the region is a desire to show status that seems to be pervasive within the region. while in the security line today i heard a guy answer a question from a security guard concerning him probably being a biker because he was dressed in harley leather and had also just told the security guard that he had three harleys (sorry for the confusing structure of that sentence) by saying loud enough for me to hear 1/2 way down the line, “oh no i’m not a biker. i make $480,000 a year.” huh? i think the guy probably tries to fit his supposed income into as many conversations as possible. it’s just a weird culture.
  • i had a pastor tell me this week that he really respected what tapestry and i are doing because we are in a place of such darkness. WHAT! point isn’t a place of darkness. in fact, i would say that light shines brighter still in point because it isn’t hinder by as much fake faith (though there is always some anywhere you go). anyhow, i turned it back on him and said that he had it wrong. the bible belt is the place of darkness because there is so much more fake CHRISTianity in the belt than else where in the country. that fake stuff really messes stuff up for real CHRIST following. of course, it does make all the cooler the churches in the bible belt that really act like the bride of CHRIST.

well we’re board in a few minutes so i’ll go ahead and post this. PAMELA & BOYS I’M COMING HOME!!!!

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