drive by darth


i guess everyone is posting about the inauguration today but i’ll avoid that other than saying that i am too much of a cynic to think that the world has changed based on an election (other than the fact we americans have our first non-anglo president – which is HUGE) and i haven’t been brainwashed enough either to think that the world is going to end because of an election. truthfully i’m annoyed by the groups on both sides of the political spectrum who look for messiahs in elected officials. the fruits who thought GOD’s kingdom had come to earth because of the election of george w drive me just about as crazy as the ones who presently seem to think the same thing about barack. of course, none of this applies to my friends. 😉

see what you made me do…i ended up talking about the inauguration a little.  anyhow, i thought i would share this photo with you. how cool is that? here’s the original source.

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