thanks to a little help our friend sharon walters pam has now learned how to make spectacular gumbo. mmmmmmmm, its good. nothing quite like a hot bowl of gumbo on a cold day.

many of you may not know this but i married the best cook i have ever known. i didn’t plan it out. in fact, when we married pam wasn’t an incredible cook. don’t get me wrong, she was a good cook then, but i didn’t know that she would turn into an amazing cook. the best part of all is that she gets better and better each year. she finds herself a challenging course and then slowly but surely figures out a way to cook it and improve upon it.

the good news for the tapestry leadership team is that there is a good chance that at least some of the gumbo will be left for our thursday night meeting. that is if i don’t eat it all.

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  1. I am not at all jealous.

    I have the gumbo queen living with me. That’s official according to he late Vernon Roger at the first annual Parkview gumbo cookoff. BTW, I made “honorable mention”. In other words, when the good stuff was gone, everyone ate mine.

  2. The only time I ever attempted gumbo was in Tallahasee and I put way too much crab meat and shrimp. It was okay but sickly pale. I will let you wear the queen crown in this family. It is way to much trouble and I have access to great gumbo here in Mobile.

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