the packaging is similar

they look similar

i have never been a lotion type of guy. i’m just not interested in regularly put moisturizing lotion on my hands or body. i’ve paid a small price for it but that has never been too big of a deal. i have dealt with a couple of calluses on my hands that have been directly related to my lack of skin moister. still it hasn’t been a major pain for me.

that was until we moved to the cold weather of wisconsin.

the weather up here dries me out and the only comfortable solution has been a regular application of lotion. i have a container that stays in my car and we keep plenty of different types of lotion around the house for putting on whenever we need it. the problem is that today i discovered that not everything that looks like moisturizer actually is moisturizer.

there were two containers of moisturizer by the phone in the kitchen and my hands needed a little. one bottle of lotion was one that i was used to but the other had a cool nozzle on it and i thought "well, i’ll try that." because of the nozzle the lotion came out smoothly, which was great because it was rather thick lotion. i rubbed that stuff in more and more. instead of spreading out and being absorbed all the lotion seemed to do was clump all over my hands. the more i rubbed the worse it got. that’s when i thought o read the bottle. i had been trying to moisturize with seam glue.

it didn’t do a very good job of moisturizing my hands but it did a wonderful job of making my hands sticky and stink for the rest of the day.