this is for arnold

awhile back arnold commented that he wanted to see video of me curling. turns out it was a little harder than i had imagined to get. there aren’t many places on the curling courts that will support a camera off the ice and aren’t blocked by a human body during the match. the above is the best i’ve been able to get out of about 4 tries. this is also going on during the match so i’m a little busy doing other things. so here it is arnold, it’s a boring shot, but it’s the best i have for you at the moment.

used printer cartridges

today i found out that staples gives their rewards card holders $3 credit for each used printer cartridge they return (up to 10 a month). i would highly recommend everyone recycling their used printer cartridges. while, i personally recommend using a local paper company for your paper needs i am all for getting free stuff from a big box chain. therefore, i would always appreciate you buying your printer cartridges from a local company and then returning your used printer cartridges to staples while giving them the following rewards card number (or you can give them my home phone number – which i will gladly give you if you don’t already have it). the number is:


sometimes milking the system is a good thing. 😉