the week in tweets – 2009-02-07

  • – Superbowl cooking has begun #
  • Who knew the Boss was so limber? #
  • I’m very thankful for a wife that proofs my work. Go Pam! #
  • The paper is mailed, my wife is great, and i now have 5 hours to prep for speaking at IV tonight while also watching Noah’s ball bball game. #
  • working on Amos, drinking coffee, and trying to figure out when I will remove the beanie from my head. #
  • @bsheets – the answer is “yes.” I’ll be flying to Louisiana for a wedding days before it and then driving from louisiana to austin. in reply to bsheets #
  • drinking coffee at Emy J’s, reading about the book of Amos, and listening to Ira Glass talk about stories. #
  • @joshuajones – good fences make good neighbors – so the question is “did your uncle give lance armstrong a good fence?” it’s important. 🙂 in reply to joshuajones #
  • – My mom thinks the roads must be awful. #
  • It is always best not to mistake glue for hand lotion. Unfortunately I now know this from personal experience. #
  • @ZPdrummer – sure….this will last two weeks and then you’ll be off again. 😉 in reply to ZPdrummer #
  • I’m beginning to think that “Lost” may have “jumped the shark.” #
  • It is always best not to mistake glue for hand lotion. Unfortunately I now know this from personal experience. #
  • the dogs have now been washed – Montana no longer smells like corn chips. #
  • thinks it’s pretty bad when loud jazz in the earbuds can’t drown out the cries of the ticked off baby across the coffee shop. Time to leave. #
  • Dave Gibbons – Cross cultures relate more to your pain better than they do you success. #
  • It’s a little weird sitting upstairs in the living room while Adam and he’s girlfriend sit downstairs in the den watching a movie!?!?!?!? #
  • @Joshross – as far as adam is concerned me going down there is the something embarassing in reply to Joshross #
  • Anyone around Point have access to hair clippers, a baber’s cape, and/or a portable barber’s chair? I need them for Tapestry next Sunday. #
  • Noah just announced that when he gets older he wants to change his name to “Tom Selleck.” #

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curling smack

this is great. it’s a curling blog and about 3/4s of the way down this post they make the following statement concerning the video of me curling that i posted for arnold:

Come on Robert, your pal Arnold expects more than this

that’s right my second year skills were trashed on by people that i don’t even know. i’ll admit that it was a rough night (we were killed – 12 to 2) but i wasn’t expecting to be randomly slammed by strangers. the curling world used to be so much nicer.

one only time?


my dad bought me the above spartus full-vue at a garage sell a couple of years ago. it has just been sitting in the “man cave” as decoration until today. i decided i was going to go out and take a view toy camera shots. the polar plunge was today and that is just the kind of event that calls for toy camera photos. since my lubitel is broken at the moment i used the full-vue and my holga. in a couple of weeks we’ll see how the photos turned out.

of course, this could be the only time the full-vue ever gets used because the crank for the film spindle broke while i was reeling the film through its last frame. makes me have mixed feelings about whether i want the photos to be any good or not. on one side of the coin i won’t feel like i really lost anything if the pictures are crap. on the other side it would be nice to know that i did get a couple of good shots from the thing before it died.

SIDE NOTE – as i said above the 2008 stevens point polar plunge was today. the boys and i decided at the last minute to go out and watch some of it. since the place where it is held is dang difficult for the terrell family to find (in other words, we got lost last year and this year) we got there right at the end of it. i’m contemplating trying this again next year. anyhow, here are two of the 3 photos i was actually able to take from the really crummy location we had.

DSC_0004 copy DSC_0001 copy