random thoughts on a wednesday evening

just a few meaningless thoughts

  • frazier” is one of the greatest shows ever. it’s up there with seinfeld in my book.
  • my brief, non-spoiler description of tonight’s “lost” season finale – boring first hour that was made up for in the second hour. makes me excited about the last season next year.
  • i’ve swapped to the desktop version of eeebuntu on my asus 901 and i love it. does anyone know of a decent video editor for ubuntu? my goal is to be able to make an edited video with nothing more than my netbook and pocket camera.
  • earlier this week i bought bacon cheese (i.e. cheese with bacon in it) and friday i am going to fix myself a grilled bacon and cheese sandwich with it – yes this does mean that i am going to add even more bacon to it. mhmmmm!
  • come on celtics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • in a few weeks tapestry is providing lunch for all the teachers at wshington elementary school during their last day of the ’08-’09 school year. we also had a few people to volunteer to help them with their 5k race they did this past weekend. i’m greatly enjoying the connection with the school. today i talked with one of the administrators concerning us helping them read to “at-risk” kids next year before school starts once a week. nothing definite. all that has happened thus far is that the conversation has started. hopefully we will get to do more and more stuff that helps the kids and adults at washington.

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