online ocr

as a church planter i am always looking for ways to do things without a traditional office. it is all the better when these methods don’t cost a great deal. tapestry is presently working on incorporating and part of the process involves developing a constitution. i9’ve asked several other churches if i could look at their constitution. everyone has been very friendly and helpful. one of the churches sent me their constitution in .jpg format (this is a graphic file). i’m not sure why you would save your constitution as a .jpg but i did now that in order to share this on google docs with the people helping me i was going to have to retype it or use ocr. that’s when i found ocr terminal. online free ocr work. woohoo!

i just thought i would post this for anyone else who might ever need it. it was quick, effective, and best of all free (for 30 pages a day at least – but i will never go over 30 pages in a single day).

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