sometimes they do what you ask too well

tapestry worship involves group participation. that’s just the way we do things. last night i was talking from matthew 22 concerning JESUS’s statement to “give to caesar what is caesar’s, and to GOD what is GOD’s.” since JESUS’s point in this passage is that scripture states we have GOD’s image “stamped” on us just as caesar’s was on the denarius, i thought it would be nice to to encourage people to draw self-portraits during the message. i figured i could bring the self portraits back into the message around the end of the discussion and it would work for those who like to do multiple things. it would appear that it worked a little too well. for the first 15 minutes i didn’t see anyone’s eyes because they were too busy working on their self-portraits. everyone got into drawing their portrait and kept their head down. it was pretty disconcerting to me because i’m used to eye-contact and interaction on sunday nights. i’m not used to everyone looking down. next time i think i’ll encouraged everyone to do something that doesn’t involve them looking down. 🙂

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