probably tmi

the test
as many of you know the terrell familly lives in a late 70s two-story split-level house. i mention late 70s in the description because we have been dealing with some of the decorating decisions from that era. slowly but surely we are bringing the house into the 21st century.

one of the projects that will happen this summer is the affordable update of the boy’s restroom. we have to replace the floor, the shower, the sink, etc. we’ve been looking into a slate floor. pam, the boys, and i all like slate for the floor. we were going to start until we thought that slate might absorb the stinky biological waste liquid that the boys release in their restroom. you see 12 and 15 year old boys don’t always have the best aim. therefore, a little splatter can happen. we clean it all the time but we are scared that slate may be more porous than tile and therefore absorb some of this lemon colored liquid and produce a foul odor that no amount of cleaning will correct. after researching the problem on the net the best advice was to have a trial run with one slate tile and one ceramic tile. therefore we have two tiles that are being “tested” for a couple of weeks to determine which one will stay clean the best.

you can guess for yourself how we are testing them.

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  1. Now that I have to clean the men’s restroom at the convenience store, I can tell you that grown men don’t aim any better =/

  2. I have held my tongue because I am a good mother, but this is getting to be a little weird. Just put the kids back in diapers and no problem.

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