i would have used this as a youth minister

this post from stuff CHRISTians like is great. it is concerning the tendency of college students to put their faith in a “lock box” during their university years. the advice prodigal john gives to students is:

  1. GOD is not trying to ruin your college experience.
  2. your parents’ faith won’t sustain you.
  3. college is not forever.
  4. don’t have sex. (he explains this one much better than just this simple statement – basically why settle for college sex when marital sex is better)

it’s good stuff.

i think my favorite two point are #1 & #4. i think GOD is portrayed as a “kill joy” far too often. HE is the GOD WHO said that HE had come that HIS followers would have life and have it more abundantly. for too often we turn HIM into the GOD of “don’t” rather than the GOD of “life.” john’s description of #4 is the same thing. his advice is for people to wait and thereby get the very best rather than settling for something less that is immediate. it’s good advice and something that i believe to be true.

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