a good day

yesterday was a really good day. let me detail the wonderful things that happened:

  • i spent the morning at emy j’s studying  the second chapter of james.
  • i ended up meeting a couple of threads and having a great discussion.
  • i took the boys to play a little disc golf and ended up finishing with a –1 for the course.
  • i ran 8 miles in schmeeckle reserve and then rode another 8 miles home.
  • pam cooked pinto bean soup for me – which makes me VERY happy
  • i went with pam on her run for the day.
  • i ended the day with a little fishing and caught a decent size smallie on a jitterbug – my favorite lure for fishing

all of this happened during a day that had wonderful weather. it was a good day. i like days like yesterday.

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