the week in tweets – 2010-07-04

  • back from @sptapestry and have eaten supper. now i can either watch "outlaw josey wales" or go for a run. "josey" is winning at the moment. #
  • "not a hard man to track. leaves dead men where ever he goes." "outlaw josey wales" such a great line. #
  • i'm not used to seeing 40 year old women camping in front of a movie theater – stupid twilight movies are stealing a part of geekdom. #
  • @bsheets – what exactly is a "make shirt office" ūüėČ in reply to bsheets #
  • i just overheard pam say to noah "you either get off the couch or you point your rear towards your dad." gas will soon be heading my way. #
  • anybody ever made a double dog crate before? i'm looking for some designs. #
  • need a quick answer on this. anyone ever flown out of the chicago midway international airport? any reason i should avoid it? it's $100 less #
  • @bsheets – how's parking? #
  • expressing a basset hound's anal glands has got to be one of the most disgusting things ever. #
  • @jwilmore – thanks jonathan but that's not exactly what i am looking for. in reply to jwilmore #

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