fall in love with one place


last week i heard the following statement on the “to the best of our knowledge” podcast:

one of the best things we can do for the environment is to fall in love with the place we live.

their point was that if you fall in love with where you live you will do a couple of things that help the environment: 1) because of our love for our home we will look to protect our home environment from things that would harm it, and 2) since we love and enjoy the place we live we won’t have to constantly wander away to other places looking for things we enjoy.

whether or not being in love with where you live is actually good for the environment or not (i think it probably is) i definitely believe that it is very important for ministry. churches and the pastors that lead them should BE IN LOVE WITH THEIR COMMUNITIES IN WHICH THEY ARE A PART. this doesn’t mean you have to agree with everything that goes on within the community. instead you need to love the character, the people, the culture, the topography, etc.

i am glad to say that i really love the point area. two friends from baton rouge have come to visit for a few days. clint and eric arrived early this morning and i spent the day taking them around point and sharing with them some of the things, places, and people who make point amazing. today that involved belt’s ice cream and hilltop pub & restaurant. tomorrow it is going to involve biking part of the green circle trail, canoeing, and polito’s pizza. mhmmmm. i love point.

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