the bike ride and nurse pam


as i posted yesterday clint and eric, friends from baton rouge, are presently visiting the terrell family. clint is a former youth intern and friend and eric is a former student and friend. this morning i was pretty pumped about getting to take them on part of the green circle trail. the green circle is 30 miles of trails that link a ton of parks together around the point area. pam, the boys, and i love riding on it. so i took eric and clint out to the plover river trail portion of the green circle. it didn’t turn out as fantastic as i had hoped. in fact all three of us had a pretty bad time.

this is i know thsi looks like something else but it is my shoulderi was going to fast into a turn at the bottom of a hill and my front tire slide out on me. i now have trail rash all over my right side and i learned why helmets are important. i smashed my head into the ground cracking my helmet in two spots on the right side. this actually scared me a little because while i have taken some solid hits in my life i have never hit my head hard enough to cause any problems. i had a few minutes of trouble visually focusing on things and then everything cleared out. clint was trained as an emt years ago so he checked me out and seemed to think i was ok. therefore we decided to finish the last 5 miles of the bike ride.

when we hit the half way point that is when clint and eric’s troubles began. clint began to feel sick and was sure that he needed to throw up. so he did. i didn’t know this about eric but he is a sympathetic puker. this means that when he hears or see someone else losing their lunch then he begins to feel the need to also throw up. so clint was on my right about 20’ away spewing chunks and eric was 20’ away on my left having the dry heaves. when they finished we hopped back on the bikes and started back to the car.

when we got to the car we headed to pam’s office to clean my wounds. i asked her if her office had any first aide supplies. she grabbed some small packages and said they were disinfectants. she ripped one open and started to clean my arm. that’s when incredible pain began to shoot through my body. turns out that my nice wife had wiped my arm with an alcohol hand cleaning wipe. she says she didn’t do it on purpose but i have questions about that. i think i must have done something wrong and she decided to pay me back.

we’re going on a canoe ride tomorrow. i hope it turns out better.

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