no need to worry …but i thought you might like pictures

stevens point mill on the wisconsin river

some of you may have heard our community on the national news recently. central wisconsin is flooding and that includes the point area. at the moment it is not community wide. there have been a few homes really hurt by the flooding, others have been evacuated from their homes for fear of flooding, but thankfully the waters haven’t completely torn our town up. hopefully the rain will stop for awhile and the wisconsin river can go back to its normal banks. prayers for a stop in the rain in central wisconsin and north of us would be greatly appreciated.

here are some photos i took of the wisconsin and plover rivers today. it’s the highest i’ve ever seen either of them. to my knowledge no one within the tapestry community has needed to be evacuated yet but if anyone else is looking for a place to stay the people of tapestry would love to help.

btw, the top photo is a pano made of 5 photos. if you click on it it will show you a LARGE photo of the wisconsin river. the river is truly kicking it.

the handicap fishing pier on the wisconsin river - normally 8 feet above the river this is a part of iverson park - about 500' fro the riplover river this is where we normally baptize on the plover river

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