i’m a traveling man – but i don’t want to be

traveling man

over the past week i have driven to and from new orleans (school), chicago (to pick up claudia), and  merriville, indiana (to drop off claudia). i’ve driven around 4,000 miles in the past 9 days. that may be nothing for many long haul truck drivers but it is pretty signigicant for me. i love driving long trips but i have to tell you that i’m really tired of driving. some of this is probably the fact that i am also fighting through a cold. argh! i’m tired and ready to stay home for awhile.

my typical requirements for driving long distances are: 1) diet coke, 2) sunflower seeds, 3) audiobooks, and 4) podcasts. my sodium levels are probably off the charts at the moment considering the number of seeds and diet cokes that i have consumed (at least 4 pounds of sunflower seeds during these 9 days). the biggest problem with the sunflower seeds are that they tear the inside of my cheek up when i eat a lot of them. the salt make my cheek swell up like a chipmunk. i finished a few audiobooks during my trip – 1) “snoop ” – a psychological study of predicting personality based on possessions, and 2) “paul of dune ” – a “dune” sequel that i liked because i am a scifi geek. both of them were pretty interesting. i couldn’t tell you all the podcasts i went through but i will say that “wait, wait don’t tell me” and “this american life” always keep me awake.

thankfully i don’t have to travel anywhere outside of wisconsin for the rest of the year. 🙂


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  1. haha i like that list for traveling my list would one include the ipod for music /pod cast instead of diet coke my thing would be water I try to drink 46 to 48 oz a day , I can not stand sun flower seeds they hurt my gums and my cheeks, , I have to say i loved riding with you in the Volts wagon Beatle, yes the old one are better and cooler I will admit

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