want to build a house? kind of…


some threads from tapestry are going back to nicaragua in january. this will be the 4th trip for people from our young community of faith. we’re going to change our plans a little this time and participate in building a house for a family. well we’re actually not going to be the ones in charge of building it. you see a while back the nicaraguan CHRISTian outreach figured out that we could build a house for a family for around $1,800. so starting last year several groups went down and built houses. i think we have four houses built now. in the past the gringos have been building the house with the nicas watching.

in august i was being told about this by moises, evelyn, and claudia and on a whim i asked them about the idea of paying for nica labor to build the house. i thought we might could help the local economy a little more. there response was that it would actually help two guys within kilumbo get more experience with a third guy who was a house builder and thereby help them get more jobs. in other words, we would be helping the local economy, giving these guys the pride of leading their own job, and furthering their training in a trade that can help support their family. the additional cost for the labor? $200!

yep we can build the house, pay three nicaraguan workers, and then work along side them as their assistants for a grand total of $2,000. so that’s what tapestry is trying to raise money for now. last CHRISTmas we gave up receiving offerings for the church so that all the money could go for a fresh water well. this year we are going to try and give $2,000 on top our normal offerings for the support of the church ministry. it’s a big step for our small group of people.

if you are interested in being a part of this you are welcome to do so too. if we have extra we’ll either save it for another house next trip or use it for more pressing needs in diriamba.

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