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i’m helping pam with her graduate student orientation this friday. she wants me to discuss web technologies that can help students. here’s the list that i am going through

anybody have any other recommendations? any other cool web, computer, and/or phone programs that you use?

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  1. *like*
    I’m currently checking out Looks cool.

    I like using Google Voice a lot. But it looks like you have “bigger” things than that to talk about.

    Here is a link that applies Google Voice to college students.

    The best one is #3. Also, they might mislead you that you can send free texts with your phone. You can’t. You can still only text free online.

  2. I totally agree with Joe. I would maybe through most of the google suite in there (gmail, voice, docs, and calendar). I use calendar all the time…especially since it can send updates via sms…but you already knew that 🙂

    other than that all the stuff I use is more geared toward my degree. Generally speaking though…google is the way to go when it comes to being organized on campus.

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