exit through the gift shop


during my lunch break today i watch the majority of banksy’s “exit through the gift shop” and then finished it later. while i have mixed feelings about street art, i do like a lot of it. my mixed feelings are, i disagree with using someone else’s property for your self expression but i love much of it when it is done on spaces where the owner is cool with it. i loved this documentary/mockumentary – no one seems to agree concerning whether it is real or fake. the content and message was really cool. thank you netflix for streaming this.

the street artist in this documentary/mockumentary are amazingly creative people. some of the artistic connections they make are truly incredible.

SIDE NOTE – you can still contribute to building a house in nicaragua. if you want 2010 tax credit for it you need to do so before january 1st. we go to nicaragua january 9th.

SIDE SIDE NOTE – i’m watching arrested development season 2 with the family and buster just had the first line “You lied to me… you said my father was my father, but my uncle is my father. my father is my uncle.” oh how we love arrested development.

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